Whether you want to build muscle, lose your gut, or increase performance in your sport... EMABC camp is the right place for you!

Let's face it.... You want to lose your belly, build some lean, rock solid muscles, increase your energy, as well as self confidence!

How about play flag football with 'the boys' without being winded? Or maintain your stamina when you chase your kids in the yard? Imagine feeling 'great' taking your shirt off at the beach?

With today's high demands of work, kids, house etc. it is absolutely a necessity to stay healthy- physically and mentally. However, it's not always easy to fit it in or figure out how to get motivated.

We can help. Register now. Get ready to change your body and your life.

Men's Fitness Boot Camp

7:30 -8:30 pm

2x per week

{Check the calendar for the start date & days of our next session}

Looking for other days and times? Email your request. We're open to suggestions.

What to bring

1 Set of 10 -15 lb dumbbells

Towel or yoga mat


What to expect?

You will get a killer workout that is never the same. We keep it fun, ever-changing, and challenging. You will get fit, fast. Plan on meeting a great group of guys just like yourself and making some awesome friends. There is no competition- except you against yourself. We leave our egos & stresses at the door and focus on making it the best hour of your day!

How do I register?

Create a profile and then click on the calendar. Find the men's camp and click register. Fill out info and you're done. Pay online with a credit card, or bring a check or cash to camp. All payments are due BEFORE the start of camp.

What if I can't make every class in the session?

No problem. If you know ahead of time that you are going to miss more than 2 classes, call us and we can prorate the camp for you. However, note, There are no make-ups or extensions for missed classes that are paid for.

Where do we meet?

Our winter location (Oct-May) is 115 Mechanic Street, Foxboro MA. (First Baptist church Gym) However, some of our classes will be held at our boxing studio at 6 Mechanic Street. We will let you know the details once you register! Our summer location (May-Oct) is Payson road basketball courts in Foxboro.