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Mens Bootcamp.
Protien for women.
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Adventure Fitness Trainer

Women’s Only Boot Camp
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Women's Fitness Camp in Eastern Mass

NESTA Certified Prgrams and Trainers

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Eastern Mass Adventure Boot Camp - 2009 Adventure Cruise Photos


We had a Blast, and the workouts were amazing!!
We are heading to Atlantis, Nassau Bahamas in 2010.
This will be an event you don't want to miss!

2009 Cruise Campers
Port Port
Our Ship
A Beautiful Morning to Workout Out on the town.

Check out these guns

Everybody PULL Woah, hold on, didn't expect that wave.
Yes we do squats on the ship too
Don't mess with me A light jog on the ship
Crunches Please don't let go
Wait, is that capatin Stubing?  No, that's Captian Todd Shannon and Sherry
Dang, these girls clean up real good!!!
Marcie, Are you slacking?Cathy's Birthday - 30 something right?
Am I supposed to feel this in my legs?
This is how you do it Yes, that's it you've got it.
Goooooo, team!
For More Information, Contact us at (508) 328-5236 or e-mail shannon@mabootcamp.com
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